Your Breakthrough Moment Starts here...
Join Us In Nashville, TN Feb 16th - 18th!
Launch Your Online Career & Have More Success Than You Ever Imagined!
Let Our Carefully Selected Speakers Put It All Together For You At Success Counts Live!
This event will literally set you up for massive success!  

We are focusing on one of the core ways to build your business in any niche market online while simultaneously boosting your credibility! Billions of dollars are sold every year in information! Isn’t it time you got a piece of that pie? 

We will help you understand the process from start to finish to creating a winning digital product that can be sold across multiple channels, and fill a need in whatever niche market you want to tackle! 
Walk Away Understanding Every Step Needed to Launch & Sell Your Own Digital Information Products For High Profits! 
Like us, all or our carefully selected expert speakers have seen incredible success selling information products online.   

We know what it takes to successfully launch a product online!  
At Success Counts Live, you will MEET and NETWORK with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are just like you along with other industry experts. 
Finally Put The Online Business Puzzle Together at Success Counts Live!
Our Carefully Planned Agenda Boosts Your Chances At Success...
This is A Truly Life Changing Event! 
Day 1
  • Niche Research  
  •  Finding Your Target Audience
  •  Your Sales Funnel
  •  Bonus Session
  •  Networking Session - Live Band
Day 2
  •  Product Creation
  •  Bonus Session
  •  Bonuses and Graphics
  •  Membership Sites
  •  Speaker Panel
  •  VIP Networking Dinner                      
Day 3
  •  Sales Copy  
  •  Video Sales Letters
  •  Guest Panel
  •  JV Page 
  •  Affiliate Recruitment
Friday 15th February
Travel and Networking
Plan to arrive early on Friday 15th February. This will give you time to check-in and get you in the right mindset to network. You never know who you will connect with and where it will take your business.  
Meet The Experts!
Paul Counts 
Paul has been running an online business for over 20 years now when he started in high school. He is a movie producer, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best selling authors. He has sold over $10 million in just info products and digital services with projects he is a partner of.
He was the host of his radio show that aired throughout several US states. Counts is one of the most sought after experts on the topic of email marketing and digital marketing. His outside the box thinking will take your company to the next level of success!
Shreya Banerjee
Shreya Banerjee has over 11 years experience in the power and aviation industry as a process engineer and lean leader for a multi-billion dollar international corporation, and routinely manages projects totalling over $50 million dollars.
She brings leadership skills, tech skills, and understanding of processes that makes her one of the leading trainers and coaches in Internet marketing today! Let her give you the processes you need to accelerate your company's growth.
Shreya is also the founder and CEO of Ninja by Night, a training company setup to help people break into entrepreneurship successfully! 
Hotel Info
We will be hosting the event at the beautiful Hilton Nashville Airport Hotel. 

Just minutes away from the airport and state of the art meeting space makes it the perfect choice for our Success Counts Live event. 

We believe that you should be focusing your time learning and networking while you are at the event. 

So, there is one less things to worry about with Hilton Nashville Airport Hotel. They even offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel.  
VIP Networking
Unlike other events you might have attended, where you have to go through multiple body guards just to say "hi" to a speaker...we are proud to say that our Success Counts Live event has nothing in common there.

Success Counts Live has a strong focus on networking so you can make those important connections. We believe in the power of networking. As a matter of fact, we met and connected with each of our experts at a live event.

So, apart from actually learning how to get your product ready for the market, you will also get to meet and connect with some of the top markets in the industry (and yes, you can say more than "hi" without having to go through multiple body guards).
Not a social butterfly? 

Well, we got you covered there too. We have build in networking opportunities throughout the event so even if you don't feel comfortable walking up to someone, you will still get to make those important connections.  
You know it's always who you know, not so much what you know. 

As our VIP guest, you get several more opportunities to connect with top marketers.  
But the space is extremely limited! 
What Are You Waiting For?
This is not the time to wait and watch the paint dry.

This is the time to take action and join us along with several top marketers in Seattle. 

Just take a look at what our past event attendees had to say...
You Can't Afford To Miss It!
And if you wait too long, you will probably miss it. 

Space is very limited. And no, we are not saying that to generate fake scarcity.

It is very limited, because of very obvious reasons...the training room can only hold so many people. 

So once the spots are gone, you are out of luck.  Don't say that we didn't warn you.
We are super excited to see you in Nashville!
P.S. Live events have been absolutely critical to both of our successes online! Every venture we have entered into online has been a direct result of connections made at a live event! We can credit real joint ventures to meeting people in person! That is how we meet! We want  you to experience this breakthrough by attending Success Counts Live!

P.P.S. If you are on the fence just remember that one connection at this event, one "ah-ha" moment from the speakers can transform your online business journey! You will have direct access to the other speakers and us! You cannot get this level of access at other events! We can guarantee if you take the chance to attend, you will not leave disappointed! 
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