Congratulations! You are Being Invited To Attend The Very First Digital Domination Live Networking & Training Event!
Join Us In Atlanta, GA April 6th - 7th!
Meet The Team Behind OSP Success Counts & Digital Domination!
Join Us As We Create An Internet Marketing Event Experience Like None Other!
Finish Line Network (FLN) is committed to the advancement of the online entrepreneur, no matter what online industry they call home. We're the result of a simple concept. Gain the knowledge, tools, and connections that are considered the cornerstones for online profitability, without having to run the profit race, thereby "Starting At The Finish Line". 
Online Sales Pro is a powerful software platform that will turn your online traffic into leads for your business. Depending on your business goals, you could use Online Sales Pro to generate leads and build an email list. OSP is way more than software as they provide a community that enables you to win big online! This is event is your chance to connect with this community, and with everyone behind OSP including Joel & Kitty Kellman! If you ever wanted to meet them in person this is the time!
OSP is joining forces with Paul Counts & Shreya Banerjee from the Success Counts Live team to put on this event! You all know Paul Counts as the man behind the emails you receive from OSP! Counts has generated 8-figures in sales during his online career, and he has been coaching and training thousands of entrepreneurs globally how to win online! Shreya is known as a mommy by day and a ninja by night! She has been generating income online for years now in her spare time. You will get a chance to connect with them in person at this event!
Michael Mansell has applied himself to mastering the secrets of making money online and enjoys sharing it with his friends. He is a firm believer in having multiple streams of income. He has learned that if the people around him are not making it or being successful then he has not succeeded. Michael says, "There is no greater joy in business than the awareness that your efforts have caused another to succeed."
This Is Your Chance To Boost Your Earnings, & Have More Success Than You Ever Imagined!
This event will literally set you up for massive success!  

One of the keys to our success online has been connections that we have created. There is nothing more powerful than meeting people and making money happen together! Every 7 and 8-figure earner online possesses one thing...CONNECTIONS!
Walk Away With New Connections, New Opportunities, New Directions, & Clarity On Your Sales Funnel During This Special 2-Day Event! 

You Will Be Part of An Exclusive Group of People That Attended OSP's First Live Event!  
OSP Really Counts
At the Digital Domination: OSP Really Counts event (April 6th - 7th) you will make connections that will lead to dollars in your pockets! You just have to show up.  MEET and NETWORK with other like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts from Finish Line Network, Online Sales Pro, Team Mansell, & Success Counts. 
Finally Put The Online Business Puzzle Together at the Digital Domination Live Event!
Our Carefully Planned Agenda Boosts Your Chances At Success...
This is A Truly Life Changing Event! 
Day 1
  •  Meet The FLN, OSP, & Success Counts Team
  •  Secret  Agenda Revealed To Attendees
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
Day 2
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
  •  Secret Agenda Revealed To Attendees
Meet The Experts!
Joel Kellman
Joel Kellman is the Co-Founder of Online Sales Pro, a dynamic software company and a creative force. When it comes to technology, sales funnels, state of the art mobile apps, training and marketing, OSP is considered the finest in its space. OSP's systems have generated over 20,000,000 leads and close to $50,000,000 in product sales for their members.
Joel helps streamline businesses with online systems and automations. He teams up with select clients and develops high quality, high converting systems and applications. He’s passionate about his family, helping others, and making an impact with his business. He’s a real, down to earth guy, making a difference daily building software solutions. Joel and his team love building systems and keeping it real.
Kitty Kellman
Kitty is the "The Chief" at Online Sales Pro. As the head of Project Management she collaborates daily in a team setting managing and developing online products and software. Working as the "glue" of the company assisting the core teams at OSP with planning, development, marketing, and support to ship high quality, feature-rich applications.
Time is limited for each of us, and Kitty values doing work she believes in and enjoys. Work to Kitty is about progress, and making a difference. She is grateful and passionate about her family, a true foodie, and avid learner.
Michael Mansell
Are you perfecting or procrastinating?
From Japan to Tucson, and frozen food sales to luxury pool sales, Michael developed an instinct for generating massive amounts of revenue through sales. And he learned that he didn't need to have everything perfect to be awesome. He was using perfection as an excuse to procrastinate.
Are you doing the same? Michael will help you realize which camp you're in...and how to finally achieve the breakthrough you're looking for by mastering your mindset to achieve the greatness that is already inside of you.
Paul Counts 
Paul has been running an online business for over 19 years now when he started in high school. He is a movie producer, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best selling authors. He has created dozens of step-by-step video products that have grossed millions of dollars in sales for himself, business partners, and clients.
Shreya Banerjee
Shreya is the founder and CEO of Ninja by Night because she is a Mommy by Day, Ninja by Night herself. She delivered 2 successful product launches in 2017 all while managing full time work and family life. During that time she has amassed a global following for her training courses. You will discover the secrets she uses to work part-time and generate real income online! 
Also Meet...
Hotel Info
We will be hosting the event at the beautiful Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway located at 2020 Convention Center Concourse Atlanta, GA 30337. Phone number for the hotel is (404) 763-1544.

Located in the heart of downtown with state of the art meeting space makes this the perfect choice for our OSP Really Counts Live event. 

We believe that you should be focusing your time learning and networking while you are at the event. 

So, there is one less things to worry about with the Courtyard. 

Relax, Learn and Network! 
Networking Counts
Unlike other events you might have attended, where you have to go through multiple body guards just to say "hi" to a speaker...we are proud to say that our OSP Success Counts & Digital Domination event has nothing in common there.

This event has a strong focus on networking so you can make those important connections. We believe in the power of networking. As a matter of fact, we all met and connected with each other at a live event, and formed this joint venture.

So, apart from actually learning top secret marketing advice, you will also get to meet and connect with some of the top markets in the industry (and yes, you can say more than "hi" without having to go through multiple body guards).
Not a social butterfly? 

Well, we got you covered there too. We have build in networking opportunities throughout the event so even if you don't feel comfortable walking up to someone, you will still get to make those important connections.  
Space is extremely limited! 
You know it's always who you know, not so much what you know.   
What Are You Waiting For?
This is not the time to wait and watch the paint dry.

This is the time to take action and join us along with several top marketers in the industry!

Just take a look at what our past event attendees had to say...
You Can't Afford To Miss It!
And if you wait too long, you will probably miss it. 

Space is very limited. And no, we are not saying that to generate fake scarcity.

It is very limited, because of very obvious reasons...the training room can only hold so many people. 

So once the spots are gone, you are out of luck.  Don't say that we didn't warn you.
We are super excited to see you in Atlanta!
P.S. Live events have been absolutely critical to all of our successes online! Every venture we have entered into online has been a direct result of connections made at a live event! We can credit real joint ventures to meeting people in person! That is how we met each other! We want  you to experience this breakthrough by attending OSP Success Counts & Digital Domination!

P.P.S. If you are on the fence just remember that one connection at this event, one "ah-ha" moment from the speakers can transform your online business journey! You will have direct access to the other speakers and us! You cannot get this level of access at other events! We can guarantee if you take the chance to attend, you will not leave disappointed! You are worth it!
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